Monday, 11 January 2016

Overseas Education Consultants Panchkula

Overseaseducation consultants are available in almost every city for students to consult regarding student visa. A good student visa consultant has to be registered and authorized to guide and assist students in application of their student visa process. In panchkula there are good study abroad consultants and Travel Fizz is one of them. Travel Fizz has its office in panchkula where it provides student visa assistance and IELTS Coaching. 

Travel Fizz gives students the best consultancy for overseas education without charging any extra fee from them. Travel Fizz has a team of experienced professionals who counsel student and assist them during the whole process of their student visa application. Travel Fizz invites students for their document assessment and IELTS preparation.

Travel Fizz gives the best student visa counselling. During counselling the counselors at Travel Fizz help students to choose the right college/university with right course. Many things are kept in mind while making this choice. The academic record and student's personal interest. The counsel are well aware about the job prospects in a country after doing completing the education. So they advise the students very carefully so that he finds no issues while looking for jobs after completing is studies.

After that comes the funding part. Travel Fizz is known for its transparent dealing with students . Student only has to pay his college Fee to the college and embassy fee . Travel Fees does not charge and extra amount from the student. Student is advised how he can apply for education through recognized Banks and arrange his funds.

The documentation process is also taken care by Travel Fizz. Where it thoroughly checks each and every documents to make sure that the file of student and the documents meet the standards of the embassy. 

Travel Fizz also helps students to prepare for the interview and make them ready if they are asked to go through the interview. Travel Fizz has many happy and satisfied students who got the desired IELTS bands and reached their respective countries and are studying there.

Travel Fizz believed in making long term relationship with the students and even after they reach the country, Travel Fizz continues to be a support and is always ready to assist student even when they are sitting abroad.